Change Your Apple iPhone Ringtones with iFuntastic

I was let down when the Apple iPhone launched without support for custom ringtones. It was definitely a let down, to say the least. So, when the bitSplit team released the iFuntastic application, which greatly reduced the steps and effort to put custom ringtones on the Apple iPhone, I was excited to give it a try.

I originally tried version 1 of iFunstastic and, thankfully, it worked as advertised. By following the step-by-step instructions to the letter, I was able to successfully add my own ringtones to my Apple iPhone. Awesome! Finally, I can have my favorite Danger Island Ringtone alert me to new calls. Using the iFuntastic application is also free of reported side effects, so synching with iTunes, YouTube integration and Visual Voice Mail continued to work flawlessly.

Since using the first version, iFuntastic version 2.x has been released. The new version of the program has a much nicer interface and makes it even easier to manage the ringtones on your Apple iPhone. Plus, the new version of iFuntastic supports rearranging the icons on the Home Screen and changing the default AT&T logo. Sweet! This program just keeps getting better and better.

Right now the iFuntastic application is for Intel based Mac's only and can be downloaded from here or here.

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