Apple iPhone Series 5 and Series 7 LCD Problems

There has been quite a bit of forum-talk lately about Apple iPhone's with LCD rev number 5 and LCD rev number 7. What's the difference? Why all the discussion?

Apparently, a connection has been drawn between problematic LCD screens and the revision number of the Apple iPhone's LCD screen. Reportedly, which is a strong word given the absence of any hard facts or announcements from Apple, the series 7 LCD screens are prone to issues with dim contrast and/or white spots, where the series 5 LCD screens are not reported to be as widely effected. Additionally, individuals are reporting (again, a strong word) that Apple iPhone's with series 7 LCD screens also have an issue with the black-plastic antenna cover becoming loose or shifting. Conversely, you can find opposite opinions about the viewing quality of the series 5 LCD screens vs. the series 7 LCD screens, as well as the overall quality of the phones.

On other forums, Apple iPhone owners are comparing the battery life of the series 5 and series 7 LCD screen. As with the other issues, opinions seem to vary with no hard facts to confirm one side or the other. NOTE: The web site is in the final round of real-world battery life testing for the Apple iPhone. As it happens, we have a series 7 LCD screen.

One thing is for sure, there are plenty of series 5 and series 7 LCD's on the market, and there is no correlation between the date of purchase and the Apple iPhone LCD version. Logic would tell you that the higher the version number, the newer the release date. At least for now, this is not true. However, the website was in line on 6/29/2007 and our Apple iPhone is a series 7 LCD.

How can you tell if you Apple iPhone has a series 5 or a series 7 LCD screen? Unfortunately, you cannot tell without opening the box and activating your Apple iPhone. Once you've done this, it is as simple as dialing *3001#12345#* and tapping the "call" button (that's *3001#12345#* - it starts and ends with an asterisk.)

Should you be concerned about the LCD version of your own Apple iPhone? Based on our own experience with a series 7 iPhone, the answer would have to be "no". Another thing for sure is the one year warranty the comes standard with every Apple iPhone, and if you've sprung for the extra $69 (which we did), you have the additional year that AppleCare provides. With a combined two year warranty, it's hard to be very concerned. Of course, IMMV - Individual Mileage May Vary.


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