iFuntastic Version 3.0.3 Released for the Apple iPhone

Customizing the Apple iPhone just got a whole lot easier. According to the fine folks over at iPhoneAlley, iFuntastic v3.0.3 is released and available for download! New features include a real file browser that allows installing 3rd party applications, multiple Home Page screens and a new feature called "unshackling". With "unshackling" you don't have to un-jail and re-jail your Apple iPhone for every modification, "unshackle" is friendly with iTunes and maintains the ability for iTunes to access the Apple iPhone.

According to the bitSplit team, the guys behind the greatness that is the iFuntastic application, other features and enhancements in iFuntastic version 3 include:
  • PowerPC support.
  • One-time unjailing - called 'unshackling'.
  • Drag and drop any file onto the phone in the new and true "File Manager"
  • Edit text files directly on the phone.
  • Drag and drop installation of native applications - no more restarting of the phone is necessary.
  • Info page: a one-stop-shop for all documentation
  • Troubleshooting page: a one-stop-shop for pummeling the phone and inquiring about its status.
  • Much improved ringtone installation.
  • Drag and drop replacement of system sounds.
  • Completely reworked Home Screen Editor. Place applications anywhere you want them
  • Support for multiple home screen 'pages'. Have up to 80 applications at your fingertips!
  • Custom home screen 'wallpaper', better called home screen backgrounds, to distinguish from the 'real' wallpaper.

The latest version of iFuntastic is available for download here. Hats off to the bitSplit team for what appears to be an incredible improvement on something that was already pretty darn good.