Review: Ultimate Buds Apple iPhone Headphones

The next article in the series of reviews is focused on the Ultimate Buds headphone solution for the Apple iPhone. Ultimate Buds, are a truly integrated headphone solution for the Apple iPhone, providing functionality and sound quality.

When the Apple iPhone debuted, it was hailed for it's simplistic design. Sure, some criticize the recessed headphone jack, but the uncompromising design and attention to detail of the Apple iPhone deserve high praise. Even the stock headphones, a.k.a. earbuds, for the Apple iPhone are well designed. From the length of the headset cable, which is the perfect length to go from your pocket to your ears with just the right amount of slack, to the ultra-cool multi-function mic/button, the stock Apple iPhone earbuds are definitely tough to beat, except for the sound quality. Unfortunately, the stock Apple iPhone earbuds suffer from the same lacking sound quality as their iPod counterparts. Enter Ultimate Buds to the rescue.

Built around high-end, noise isolating Etymotic ER-6i earphones and a genuine Apple iPhone headset cable, Ultimate Buds deliver excellent sound quality and all the functionality and great design of the Apple iPhone's stock headset cable. Plus, since Ultimate Buds utilize the stock Apple iPhone headset cable, the recessed headphone jack is not an issue. No extension or adapter required! Assembled with care and individually tested, Ultimate Buds come with a 90 day free replacement warranty against defects in craftsmanship, however we found the craftsmanship quality to be indistinguishable from factory made earbuds.

In-ear headphones are not for everyone and take some getting used to but, once accustomed to the fit, in-ear headphones provide exceptional noise isolation and sound quality. Even without music or sound coming through the headphones, the reduction in noise is comparable to more expensive noise canceling headphones. Our Ultimate Buds order included the Etyomotic ER-6i white earbuds, integrated with a genuine Applie iPhone headset cable with integrated microphone and pushbutton (both fully operational), various sizes of flanged tips and foam tips to ensure a perfect fit, two replacement filters and filter changing tool, shirt clip, Etymotic Research carrying pouch, and instructions. We tried all the various tips and found the standard ones to be the most comfortable for everyday use, although the foam ones are definitely going along for our next airplane ride.

While other integrated Apple iPhone headhones are bound to be hitting the market soon, the Ultimate Buds solution is available today and at a price that won't break the bank. After using the Ultimate Buds in real-world situations for almost two weeks, we found the Ultimate Buds to be the ultimate solution on the market today. From listening to music to talking on the telephone, the Ultimate Buds behaved exactly like a pair of stock Apple iPhone earbuds but with the sound quality and noise isolation characteristics one expects from higher-end headphones.

Ultimate Buds can be ordered as complete earphones (Etymotic ER-6i earbuds with the Apple iPhone headset cable), or you can provide your own Apple iPhone headset and the Ultimate Buds team will add the Etymotic ER-6i earbuds. Another option is to supply the Apple iPhone headset and Etymotic ER-6x earbuds to the Ultimate Bud team, who will handle the assembly.

Are Ultimate Buds worth the purchase price? Absolutely. The Ultimate Buds slogan is "bringing the iPhone the sound quality it deserves" and they absolutely deliver.