Review: Tom Bihn Organizer Pouch

As mentioned in a previous review of the Tom Bihn Buzz sling backpack bag, I also purchased the small Tom Bihn organizer pouch. At the time, I elected to hold off on reviewing the organizer pouch and focus on reviewing the Buzz by itself. Well, the time has come to review the Tom Bihn Organizer Pouches.

Measuring about 7" by 5", the small organizer pouch is a great size for carrying a collection of small items. For me, this means my portable USB hub, a couple of thumb-drives and a few other geek essentials. For others, for instance someone with a lot of jewelry, it's a great size for your watch, bracelets and rings (read on about the padded pouch, which is even better for precious cargo like an Apple iPhone.)

Slightly larger in size, measuring in at 10.3" by 7", the medium organizer pouch is perfect for carrying items that are otherwise too big for the small organizer pouch. For instance, I use my medium organizer pouch for various power cords, adapters and cables.

New additions to the organizer pouch family include the padded and clear-sided pouches. The small padded organizer pouch is ideally suited for smaller items that are breakable or require some extra protection. The inside is even lined with soft brushed nylon, for added protection. The Buzz has a built-in padded pocket on the strap that is perfect for a portable music layer or cell phone (like my precious Apple iPhone) but the pocket won't hold your music player and your cell phone (of course, if your using an Apple iPhone than you don't need two devices anymore!) The small padded organizer pouch becomes the perfect addition to hold the extra item. I have my padded organizer pouch clipped to the zipper pull, on the outside of my Buzz backpack sling.

The clear plastic side of the clear-sided organizer pouch makes it perfect for that jumbled collection of items that having visibility deep into the bag (like pencils or pens or paperclips or your favorite baseball cards) or anytime you want to know what's in the bag.

All of the Tom Bihn organizer pouches are manufactured in Seattle and are made of durable Cordura®, which is more durable than nylon, polyester or cotton. The stitching is first rate, with every stitch perfectly in line. As with the Buzz backpack sling, every inch of the organizer pouches screams quality and durability.

When combined with a backpack, the organizer pouches are the ideal solution for for carrying the extra items you don't always need. This is what makes the organizer pouches so effective, their modular ability. Arm yourself with more than one organizer pouch and suddenly, you have the ability to mix and match the accessories and gadgets you are able to carry. Some times, I don't need all of the cords and adapters that I carry in my medium organizer pouch, so on those days I remove it from the mix. Other days, I need everything I can carry, so multiple organizer pouches and my Tom Bihn Buzz combine to suit the need, perfectly.

The convenience of the clips cannot be overstated. Said another way, the clips are the key. Every organizer pouch has one, and they are the single coolest feature (and my favorite.) Made of heavy duty plastic, the clips provide the ability to attach the organizer pouch to just about anything with a loop or hook.

Another job well done, Tom. You too, Riley.

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