Apple iPhone Custom Battery Images with iFuntastic 2.5

Using the new iFuntastic v2.5.0 application is a whole lot of fun. Virtually every image, every icon and every line of readable text is modifiable, which makes customizing the Apple iPhone a piece of cake.

As a proof of concept, I created replacement images for the Apple iPhone battery icon. You know, the green one the displays various levels of fullness, based on the current battery charge? I changed it to also display the percentage (%) of charge remaining. It took a little time, but the end result is worth the effort.

What about the next system update form Apple? Isn't that going to wipe everything out, like it did last time? Well, it certainly could, but the new version of iFuntastic has that covered too. All of the important (and changeable) files can be downloaded directly to your computer, for safe storage *and* future re-use after a system update. My head is swimming with all the things I plan to change next.

In the meantime, here is the link, to download my variation of the stock Apple iPhone battery icon. The archive includes all 17 images and the image backgrounds are transparent, so you can set them to whatever color you prefer based on your current skin and desire.

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