Follow-Up: iFuntastic New Features Request

A new version of the iFuntastic application is rumored to be release within days. While the current version provides exceptional functionality, allowing Apple iPhone owners to add custom ringtones and changes virtually any image or text, it also lacked one or two features that would make iFuntastic an even better application.

What single feature would provide the most bang for the buck? Opinions vary but the first feature that comes to mind is the ability to upload or add files to the Apple iPhone. This single feature would allow additional look/feel customizations (a.k.a. "skinning") and the installation of applications. Whether it's done by browsing, as with the current file management abilities, or through a drag-and-drop interface doesn't matter, just as long as the ability is there. With this functionality, being able to add an 'icon.png' file to the DemoApp (which sets the wallpaper for the Home Page) or upload the new version of SuperNES would become a breeze.

Another feature that many people are asking for is support of PowerPC based Apple computer systems. The current version of iFuntastic only supports the newer Intel based Apple computers. Content for the web site is predominantly created using an Apple iPhone, but a lot of graphic work and editing takes place on our Apple MacBook, which is also the system we use to synch our Apple iPhone. Given that our MacBook is Intel based, we'd rather see file uploading more than support for PowerPC's.

Oh well, if there is any truth to the rumors, we'll soon find out what the iFuntastic team has planned.