How-To: Create Custom Apple iPhone Ringtones

There are several hints about creating custom ringtones for the Apple iPhone. Most of the tips entail using iTunes Music Store samples, creating/exporting the samples from iTunes as song lists and, finally, utilizing a web browser to download the individual song files from the URL's detailed in the exported song list. For some people, this is a straight forward process and a fun way to spend a Saturday night, however, for others it's an involved and time consuming process.

If you fall into the later group or you like spending your Saturday nights for other things, here is an easy way to create custom ringtones for your Apple iPhone. Best of all, this method is totally free (props to RichardHunter on the MacRumors Forums for the initial version of this hint.)
  1. Download and install the shareware version of Audio HiJack (if you already have your favorite ringtones on hand, you can skip steps #1-6 and go directly to step #7 below.)

    NOTE: Audio HiJack is shareware software and allows recording for ten minutes before ruining the recording with noise (simply restart the program, for another ten minutes of unfettered usage.)

  2. Launch the iTunes application.
  3. Launch Audio HiJack. Use Audio HiJack to "hijack" iTunes (iTunes will restart after this.)
  4. Once iTunes restarts, visit the iTunes Music Store. Browse the store for the music you want to use for a ringtone. Double click any song to play a 30 second sample.
  5. For precise control, manually Start/Stop the recording process each time, or set Audio Hijack to automatically create a new file after 2 seconds of silence.
  6. Rename the file created by Audio Hijack. This is the name that will show up in the list of ringtones on the Apple iPhone. Be sure to store the file in a location you will remember. Your desktop is fine, but creating a 'Ringtones' folder someplace is an even better idea.
  7. To put custom ringtones on the Apple iPhone. Download and install the iFuntastic application, which is GUI based and does not require a lot of technical understanding to use. For Windows users, there is an application known as iPhoneRingToneMaker that you can use.
  8. That's it! Custom ringtones for your Apple iPhone are just a few minutes away. Enjoy!

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