:: Apple iPhone v1.1.3 Jailbreak Success

Apple Computer's recent firmware update, version 1.1.3, did not take long for the Dev team's to crack open, i.e. jailbreak, and we were successfully able to update, jailbreak and unlock our own Apple iPhone. The following outlines our tale of success. Enjoy!

- Macbook w/Tiger v10.5.1 and iTunes v4.6
- Day One iPhone w/BL v3.9, unlock'd and running v1.1.2 w/a T-Mobile SIM

Tools Used:
- iTunes v4.6 (did we mention that already?)
- iNdependence v1.3.2 beta
- *#307# Jailbreak Method (for v1.1.1)
- Jailbreak v1.1.2
- AnySim v1.1.2u
- The ModMyiFone.com Forums
- Enough common sense to read the boards for all known issues and solutions before starting.
- Patience to keep our idle hands off the iPhone, once the process started.

When Nate released his unofficial soft-upgrade to the v1.1.3 release, we started reading and watching for positive results and issues. Once we were comfortable enough with what we thought the outcome would be, we decided to go for it... and start the process of soft-upgrading our iPhone to the v1.1.3 release.

On the first attempt, the soft-update failed.... in turn, we had to enter DFU mode (using iNdependence v1.3.2 beta) and restore our iPhone back down to v1.1.1, and start again. The second and third attempts yielded the same results, which proved enough for one Friday night.

So, come Sunday night we went about the process of restoring back to v1.1.1, Jailbreaking and moving on to an unlock'd, clean installation of the v1.1.2 release. we used this How-To through step #22 (including but stopping after step #22.) The important thing here being that we went ahead and revirginized the baseband too, which we hadn't done previously.

After step #22 of the above How-To (after completing Step #22, we stopped following the How-To), we were running a truly virgin v1.1.2 iPhone, jailbroken, unlock'd and using a T-Mobile SIM (which we didn't take out during the entire process.) After that, we refreshed the sources in the Installer application and made sure that it (the Installer application) was on the most recent version (this is important, because only the latest version of the Installer will work with the v1.1.3 release!)

Once the Installer was as current as it was gonna be, we installed the BSD Subsystem v2.0 (via the Installer) and checked that SSH was working properly. We then decided to give v1.1.3 one last shot... this time though, we went straight to the Installer and stepped through installing the v1.1.3 Jailbreak application released by ModMyiFone.com and the iPhone Dev Team... 40 minutes later, we were looking at v1.1.3 for the first time.

As a final series of steps, we ran the script to fix synching, which fixed any iTunes synching issues. Then, we installed Navizon from the Installer, which fixed the Google Maps locater issue. Everything works.... telephone functions, iPod, multiple SMS, iTunes Music Store, Ringtones (Custom and Base), Email, YouTube, the Wiggling Icons an multiple Springboards... everything.

Woohoo, a fully functional v1.1.3, unlock'd, jailbroken iPhone - and the sweet smell of success!

HUGE thanks for the ModMyiFone.com team, who have come through for the iPhone community at large once again. And, of course, hats off to the iPhone Dev Team's for getting an official release out that works as advertised.


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