How-To: Unlocking Apple iPhone, Easy as 1.1.4

On the chance it might help someone else, here are the steps we followed to successfully upgrade to the v1.1.4 firmware release.

  • Apple MacBook, latest version of operating system/updates (Leopard 10.5.2)
  • Latest version of iTunes (v7.6.1)
  • Day One iPhone w/3.9BL, v1.1.3 with the latest Baseband and Unlock'd to run on T-Mobile (T-Mobile SIM installed the entire time.)
Steps Followed:
  1. Used iTunes to Synch/Backup the iPhone, before beginning
  2. Once synched and backed up:
  3. Restored to v1.1.4 using iTunes
  4. Once restored to v1.1.4, closed iTunes
  5. Downloaded "" (a modified version of ZiPhone) from this link.
  6. Unzipped downloaded file, and executed "./ziphone -a -j" to Activate, Jailbreak and install the Installer application. NOTE: This process took about one (1) minute to complete.
  7. Set "Auto Lock" to never in Settings.
  8. Configured / Established Wi-Fi access.
Installed requisite software packages:
  1. Launched Installer application and refreshed "Sources" to ensure most recent applications.
  2. Once "Sources" successfully refreshed, applied any/all available "Updates" and exited Installer application, to ensure updates applied.
  3. Re-Launched Installer application and confirmed no additional updates were available.
  4. Installed BSD Subsystem and exited Installer application, to ensure updates applied.
  5. Re-Launched Installer application and confirmed BSD Subsystem is installed and that no additional updates were available.
  6. Added to "Sources" and relaunched the Installer application, to installation/updates applied.
  7. Re-Launched Installer application and refreshed "Sources" to confirm that the iClarified source is installed and that no additional updates were available.
Unlocked the iPhone, for use on networks other than the Death Star.
  1. Launched Installer application and the 'IClarified" folder from the Install tab/page
  2. Installed the "Unlock (1.1.4) application. NOTE: During this process, we received a popup asking me which Wi-Fi network to join. We simply selected my Wi-Fi network (the one previsouly setup in step #6 above) and the process completed without issue. This process took about five (5) minutes to complete.
  3. Exited Installed application and rebooted phone.

Final Results:
  • Network = T-Mobile (USA)
  • Version = 1.1.4 (4A102)
  • Modem Firmware = 04.04.05_G
  • IMEI = correct
  • iTunes = recognizes phone w/correct version. Synchs without issue (190.5 MB of "Other" prior to any synch, restoration of data.)
  • Telephone = fully functional, unlocked and running T-Mobile
  • SMS = fully functional
  • YouTube = full functional
  • Maps / Locate Me = fully functional
  • Internet / Safari = fully functional
  • Weather = fully functional
  • Stocks = fully functional
There is a little bit of redundancy built-in, if you read/follow each step as outlined, but we consider this to be a good thing as it errors on the side of caution. Enjoy!


Donnie said...

I had my iphone unlocked for me for T-mobile.Phone text and email are functioning fine. I have no other web functions. Yet email works.? I have tried and internet2/3...edge settings. I get an error msg on safari "error500 internal server problem." Also "safari can't connect to server". And "you are not subsribed to edge" depending on which I have in edge settings.
Please help

iPhoneWriter said...

Are you paying for the monthly Unlimited Data plan with T-Mobile? If not, you will need to search/use the T-Zones fix (method).

Donnie said...

Can you please elaborate on that. I had the unlimited data plan and the guy at t-mobile who did the unlock for me said I only needed the $5.99 t-zones plan. That is what I currently have.


iPhoneWriter said...

Got to and search for "T-Zones" or "T-Zones hack". You'll find several postings about the topic and more than a few How-To's. I am paying for my monthly service, instead of using this hack.

junky66 said...

Hi - I would like to know if there is a way that this can be done in MS Windows - XP or Vista

kidclavo said...

works bomb for me

sanjith said...
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