iPhone 2.2 Unlocked, Ready to Rock

You have to love the iPhone Dev team, the iPhoneWriter.com team sure does. After all, it's their ongoing development efforts that helps us keep our Day One 2G Apple iPhone unlocked and ready to rock!

Apple released the latest version of the iPhone firmware last week. The iPhoneWriter.com team successfully upgraded last night, and we've been enjoying it ever since. Here's the high-level steps we followed:
  • First, we downloaded the latest Apple iPhone Firmware. We downloaded ours from here, but you can certainly use other sources you trust.
  • Second, we downloaded the latest PWNage Tool for our platform. Since we use a Mac, we downloaded ours from here but once again, you can use whatever source your heart desires. 
  • Next, we installed the PWNage Tool into our Applications folder, and launched the program. Selecting the 'Expert Mode' option, we stepped through the interface to create a custom version of the Apple iPhone Firmware we downloaded in Step One.
  • Once the Custom Firmware bundle was successfully created, we closed the PWNage Tool, connected our Apple iPhone to the computer, and launched Apple iTunes program.
  • Within Apple iTunes, we used the OPTION+CLICK technique to click the 'Restore' button. We then located the Custom Firmware bundle we created in Step Four and let nature run its course. That's it!
Once the installation completed, we were the proud owners of a Day One 2G Apple iPhone, running the latest and greatest 2.2 version of the firmware, jailbroken/unlocked and fully functional on the T-Mobile network. Once again, the iPhone Dev team comes through for the iPhone community at large. Way to go guys!

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