AT&T Loves Me, How About You?

Imagine our joy and exuberance upon reading a personal message that AT&T sent the team this morning. Obviously, the team at AT&T thinks that we're special in some way. So special in fact, they've decided to upgrade the 3G service in our area.

What? You got an email from AT&T too? Oh. Maybe we're not as special as we'd like to think to be but according to the spam message we've received, AT&T has invested nearly $50 million dollars to upgrade it's new 850mhz network in our area. According to the propaganda, "AT&T is always working to deliver the best possible 3G experience for our customers" as they've "nearly doubled" their 3G wireless network capacity.

Really? If so, then surely everyone found a similar message in their inbox this morning. Otherwise, one might think that AT&T is actually feeling the pressure form Verizon's recent "we have a map for that" campaign, which works to make the point that the AT&T 3G network coverage is not as robust as it should be (is "robust" the right word? How about "widespread" or "pervasive" or "dependable", oh never mind the point is made.)