Review: Apple iPhone 2G vs. HiPhone I32

Within weeks of launching the original Apple iPhone 2G, the clone makers got busy working to duplicate Apple's efforts. The result took time to hit the United States and even longer to become some worth reviewing or even comparing to the Apple iPhone. Enter the HiPhone I32, which the team purchased for the sole purpose of comparing with the Apple iPhone.

In form factor and appearance, the HiPhone I32 is almost identical to the Apple iPhone. Measuring in at 4.19" x 2" x .63" (112mm x 15mm x 57mm), the HiPhone is only slightly thicker than the Apple iPhone 2G. Where the HIPhone i32 sets itself a part is the included features, which are innumerable and surpass the Apple iPhone on many fronts, and in the ability to expand the storage by way of Micro SD cards. Here's some of the main distinguishing features the the HiPhone I32 provides.
  • GPRS Dual Sim Card Telephone
  • SMS, MMS Messaging
  • Integrated SVGA camera (1.3 megapixels)
  • Video player
  • Video recorder
  • Bluetooth 2.0; USB; WAP 2.0
  • Integrated hands free speaker
  • 3D Stereo surround sound
  • Voice record and playback
There's plenty of other cool features too. The HiPhone I32 also has a neat "shake" feature that allows switch between songs, in addition to decent sound when used with or without the included earphones. Also not unlike the Apple iPhone, the HiPhone I32's earphones have a built-in microphone and pause button that works pretty good too.

Where the HiPhone I32 falls short is the lack of integration with iTunes (which of course means no App Store), an inability to surf the Internet (a.k.a. the World Wide Web) and a user interface that can only be described as not-quite-Apple. Now, if what you need from a telephone is less than what the Apple iPhone provides, than the HiPhone I32 may be good enough for you. As far as mobile phones go, it's about as sleek as an Apple iPhone and has a shiny touchscreen (not optical glass like the Apple iPhone, btw) that works without a stylus, using just your fingers.

The HiPhone I32 is decidedly not the Apple iPhone though, not even close. Apple has nothing to worry about, other than the potential need for litigation over intellectual property. With that said, originating in China where even the knock-off's are cloned, the makers of the HiPhone I32 like have nothing to worry about either.


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