REVIEW: inDense Weather for iOS

Described as "simple, sleek, easy to use and accurate", the InDense Weather application for iOS is a new favorite of the team. Plus, the app is free!

The InDense Weather application for iOS works by using the the GPS information of your iOS device to provide real-time hyperlocal weather information. The app also provides altitude information and provides the ability to quickly calculate the Density Altitude, which is especially useful for anyone who cares about that kind of stuff (pilots and race car drivers are mentioned in the app's description.)

Testing revealed that InDense Weather application for iOS is a great app for anyone that wants to know the current weather conditions, including the temperature and heat index, the humidity and dew point, wind speed and direction, wind gusts and barometric pressure, visibility, clouds, and the UV index. But wait, there's a a lot more, including weather radar, with regional and local information, the extended weather forecast, severe weather warnings and more.

The team likes this application so much, we've replaced the default weather app on our iOS device's home page with this app. Check it out, you might just do the same.