REVIEW: Dropbox Cloud Storage Service

The team was recently in the age old predicament of needing to transfer data between two locations. So, we took Dropbox for a spin and we liked what we found.

For those that aren't already familiar with Dropbox, they provide a free service that lets users store their photos, docs, videos, etc. Once stored (uploaded/saved) to your Dropbox, files can be easily accessed from virtually any computers or smartphone, as well as the Dropbox website. Another great feature about Dropbox, which is why the team decided to give the service a try, is that Dropbox makes it easy to share files with other people. Plus, in the event of an unexpected computer catastrophe, having files stored with Dropbox is a great way to ensure they are backup up.

All things considered, the team found the Dropbox service to be worth every penny… after all, you get 2GB for free and more space is available for fairly reasonable monthly rates.